First impressions matter. What does your building say about the programs you offer?

Career Technical Education facilities that are reflective of the programs they house possess the capability to increase enrollments, attract industry partners and inspire students to be successful

Sean Landry, Principal & Higher Education Studio Leader | June 2022

Technical schools all over the country are working towards breaking the stigma that you need a college degree to have a successful future. However, the buildings that house many technical programs are buildings that were grown out of the industrial revolution and WWII.

It’s time for investment and to reposition. Spaces need to support and enhance the latest technologies. They also need to drive the message that technical education is a part of the future. More than ever, skilled labor is at an all-time low as we’ve branded careers in the trades as second class or option B. Technical programs have the added burden to not only attract, but convince students, parents, and industry partners that your program is worth their time and investment. Each one of these constituents wants to know that you will improve their future.

Our work with Manchester Community College (MCC) to transform their technical education programs makes a powerful statement. A state-of-the-art facility on a focused budget. The project team worked with the College and industry partners to define priorities as well as opportunities for adaptable, multi-use spaces to maximize teaching and learning space and further the reach of all available resources. The Advanced Technologies Building directly responds to industry trends and needs while maintaining focus on student success. The new development has brought an influx of students – a 62% increase compared to before the new facility was built and also helped grow partnerships by 250%.

“Since completing construction on the new facility a 62% increase in program enrollment and a 250% growth in industry partnerships has occurred.”

This success has helped in securing future funding as well as strengthened the College’s programs, and more importantly, increased opportunities and job outlook for students. The result is a facility which balanced initial costs for long-term gains that stands as a striking identity for the College. With a graduation rate of over 90%, the payback on investment to the College and to the surrounding community has been proven.

About Sean Landry

Sean Landry, AIA, NCARB, CPHC, Principal

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Sean is a Principal and Higher Education Studio Leader at Lavallee Brensinger Architects. Sean brings extensive experience in designing for technical education spaces. He is currently working on The Advanced Technology Center at the Community College of Philadelphia and recently completed the Health Sciences Simulation Center at the University of New Hampshire.