Manchester Community College
Advanced Technologies Building

Higher Education:

This facility supports Manchester Community College’s regionally-renowned advanced programs in HVAC and Electrical Technology, granting access to equipment and technologies that cannot be provided elsewhere in the Community College System of New Hampshire, the state, or the northeast region. Ductwork, piping, electrical systems, and even the building’s structure is exposed to the interior, making the entire building an instructional tool.

Beyond instructional purposes, the building will be made available to manufacturers, contractors, and other industry professionals to conduct training and take advantage of the facility’s unique capabilities. This living learning laboratory of building systems and controls will allow the College to further distinguish its campus and programs, and to even better position its students for leadership positions in the industry. A “plug and play” strategy allows the College flexibility in updating equipment, while ensuring that the building will remain cutting-edge for years to come.

The labs are a true focal point of both the interior and exterior design, with carefully constructed views to and through them from inside and outside. The result is a simple, elegant gateway to the campus, with the College’s unique HVAC and ETEC programs on full display.