The Park Danforth
Master Plan to Assisted Senior Living & Retirement Home Independent Living


Senior Living:
Assisted Living and Long-Term Care

The Park Danforth, servicing the needs of the Portland and surrounding senior residents for the past 100 plus years, engaged Lavallee Brensinger Architects to collaborate on a master plan. To continue the mission of The Park Danforth the plan needed to build upon their established reputation while simultaneously rebranding the campus to attract vibrant, active and independent residents to further support a continuum of care.

As part of the master plan process, the team identified areas of weakness and areas of strength. Each area was explored, prioritized, and tested to determine its part in the “big picture.” Such considerations included: independent retirement living with an active community focus; providing main street and associated amenities to foster social and independent opportunities for wellness; incorporation of new technologies and building performance to better service residents and staff needs and long-term goals to ensure The Park Danforth community remains a vibrant and enriching home for residents of today and tomorrow along with the people who support them.

Lavallee Brensinger guided The Park Danforth throughout this process. Our goal was to ensure those projects which contribute to the overall campus success, and strengthen the mission statement — to provide housing and services that enhance quality of life, respect and personal dignity, and accommodate the need for privacy and self-determination — remain the focus.