Sanford High School and Technical Center continues to gain momentum following landslide public vote

97% public approval is no small task, a reality which the Sanford School Department and Lavallee Brensinger Architects knew well going into the September 30 Straw Poll held for the proposed Sanford High School and Technical Center. Over 300 community members gathered to hear impacts to education, new programs and opportunities, and how the new building design would enable and enhance the school’s educational goals. The comprehensive presentation included 3D models of teaching and learning spaces, as well as construction and life cycle costs for the overall project. Of most immediate impact, Lavallee Brensinger and the Sanford Building Committee were able to project that with 92% state funding and 8% local expenses, the energy and maintenance reduction would more than offset local bond payments and maintain a reduced tax rate for the community.

The results of the Straw Poll yielded 97% approval from the community to move forward with State approval. On October 3, the State Construction Committee followed with a unanimous recommendation for approval.

Concept Approval was granted by the Maine State School Board on October 14, following a presentation and approach which Department of Education (DOE) School Building Consultants noted would set a new standard for the State of Maine School Construction Process. The approach included full team charrettes, including State DOE Consultants, Lavallee Brensinger Architects, MEP, Structural, and Civil Engineers, and the Construction Cost Estimator. The team also created a detailed life cycle cost analyses complete with maintenance costs and energy consumption based on energy modeling. The process included many technical analyses, while maintaining the focus of the project: creating a facility that embraces the client’s vision for education in Sanford. Ultimately, a new terminology for high school and technical center integration will now become State standard: “integration with a purpose.”

Sanford’s new integrated High School and Technical Center represents the largest school project ever funded by the State of Maine. Public referendum will occur January 2015, as community investment and excitement for the new public fixture continues to grow.

The design team includes Lavallee Brensinger Architects, Architect; Rist Frost Shumway, MEP Engineers; Becker, Structural Engineers; Crabtree McGrath, Food Service Consultants; High Output, Theater Consultants; David Stephens, Educational Planning; Sebago Technics , Civil Engineers and Landscape Archtiects; and Rider Levett Bucknall, Cost Estimators.