Master Plan to Main Street at The Park Danforth

The Park Danforth Story

Since 1881, The Park Danforth has stood for quality Senior Living in the Greater Portland area. In the spirit of their Mission, they commissioned a Master Plan focused on providing superior living environments for those that they serve. The challenge to any master plan is the ability to forecast the future. In the business of Senior Living, the only certainty is — the seniors of tomorrow will be looking for something different than the seniors of today! Defining the market place, the demographics best served, and knowing the organization’s strengths and weaknesses were key factors in the master planning process.

The Park Danforth recently acquired the majority of the square block surrounding their property. The acquisition, which was based on a market study and site analysis, indicated that an expansion of 40 to 60 market rate Independent Living (IL) units was feasible. To make these new units marketable, while also improving the lives of those already residing at the Park Danforth, further studies indicated an investment in the existing building was necessary. Assuring that both the new and existing residents would have a common place for activities, “Main Street”, was developed with a bistro, resident store, gathering spaces, wellness center and more. The Garden Courtyard provides the focus point and hub for all.

The Design Team
The Park Danforth

  • Senior Administration
  • Financing
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Assisted Living
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Service
  • Resident Services

Mitchell & Associates — Civil Engineering

CMCS — The Owner’s Representative

Becker Engineering — Structural Engineering

Allied Engineering — M/E/P Engineering

The group was split into teams that focused on: resident services, unit types, wellness, food service, site development, activities, operations, marketing, and administrative services. Each team was charged with evaluating existing programs and identifying new services. The overarching objective of the Master Plan was to create a vibrant environment that:

  • encouraged residents to participate in activities that enhance their lives
  • supported the staff to work at their greatest potential
  • promoted the six dimensions of personal wellness for all

Activity choices, strong connections to the outdoors, promoting socialization, and creating opportunities for personal growth were also major factors that shaped the plan.

The execution of the master plan started with the construction of the new 58 unit market rate apartments. The income generated from these units helped support the construction phases to follow. The creation of a Main Street that houses a variety of activities: Wellness Center, Bistro, Theater, Salon, General Store, multipurpose room, etc.; all serving as a destination and gathering spot for new and existing residents alike. The addition of an Auditorium, large enough to accommodate all residents, offers endless possibilities.

The Park Danforth is strategically positioned to carry on with its’ mission and remain highly competitive in the ever changing senior living marketplace.