A ‘Green’ Palmer Center: Interior Designers Incorporate a ‘Denatured Forest’ feel

The rural nature of Hudson will be incorporated into the design theme for the renovated Palmer Technical Center at Alvirne Highs School while the needs of the students moving into the 21st century drive the project.

Decisions are being made as to what the interior of the center will look like and how these designs will support the students’ learning. The architectural firm guiding the staff, administration and the building committee, Lavalleee Brensinger, has been involved with the Alvirne project for almost three years, spending uncountable hours collaborating to formulate a vision of the CTE center and Alvirne High School. At the last building committee meeting in early March, the Architects described the CTE as a “Denatured Forest,” and showed a design plan where many aspects of the Palmer Center relate to that vision. Not just trees of all sizes and shapes, but with the sunlight streaming through them and the colors they create, using granite in many outside locations to emphasize the famous granite rocks that rule New Hampshire.

Can you feel the forest in the studies of the Palmer Center? As nature is all around us, and, for the past 20 years, the Palmer Center has dealt with our forest, students have displayed that through their use of wood and metal and forestry and horticulture and livestock.
It is proven that students must be comfortable in their environment to do their best work and learn. This approach will become even more important as students race through the 21st century formulating new ways of understanding themselves and learning to the best of their capacities.

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